Haryana Map


In the Industrial map of the Country, Haryana has an important place. Haryana state is known for its strong industrial landscape. It is an important tourist destination as well.

The political map of Haryana is also abuzz with the upcoming elections. The state has 10 constituencies of the Lok Sabha, while there are 90 seats in the assembly.

The tourism map of Haryana has a lot to offer. There are places like Kurukshetra, Jyotisar, Thaneshwar, Pehowa and Panchkula which has rich history.

The administrative map of Haryana comprises of 21 districts and three divisions of police range.

The health care map of Haryana is not satisfactory. Availability of health-care facilities has been a key issue in Haryana. Lot of efforts are required to improve the health services in Haryana. The National Rural Health Mission Haryana is short of officers.

In the urban map of Haryana, Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) plays an important role. It is an urban development body constituted by the government of Haryana. The main role of HUDA is to provide better urban infrastructure. HUDA has played a major role in the development of Gurgaon. Today in the development of Haryana, HUDA has a major role to play.

On the Transportation map of Haryana, Haryana Roadways plays an important role in intra-state transportation. It plays a major role in providing connectivity with the neighboring states. It runs very good quality deluxe buses to provide connectivity.

On the communication map of Haryana, Department of Telecom is playing a major role to improve the telecom facilities in the state. In the telecom department of Haryana there is lot of vacant positions BSNL Haryana Telecom circle is facing a shortage of manpower and needs to recruit Telecom Technical Assistants (TTAs). The vacant positions is hampering the working of the telecom department.

Haryana has become the first state in the country which is giving reservations to the people of general category who belongs from the economically weaker sections of the society. Like Jats, Pandits in Haryana have been demanding reservation for the community in Haryana on the economic criteria for a very long time. Pandits have been alleging that they were being exploited in Haryana in every field.

The Pandit community in Haryana has been alleging that the Haryana government is discriminating with youths on the issue of government job. Haryana people has long been neglected by the successive governments of Haryana Former Union Minister and Haryana Janchetna Party President Venod Sharma was the first political leader in Haryana who raised the issue of reservation to Haryana upper cast on economic basis. He is one political leader who raised his voice for Haryana Pandit community setting aside his political interests.

Venod Sharma Pandit worked very hard for the reservation of high cast .He build a lot of pressure on the government to make provision for the reservation of Pandit community.

There is a population of 22% jats in Haryana is as per the census and they play a significant role in the state. The chief ministers in Haryana since last decade and a half have been Jat political leaders.As a result of this the Pandit community  of Haryana has a feeling that there is a prejudice prevalent in the state with the Pandit which has resulted in a widespread dissatisfaction among the community  of Haryana.

He is a pandit leader who has worked for the development of Haryana .He wants to liberate the state of Haryana from the clutches of jat politics .He is one pandit leader of Haryana who has a extensive recognition among all sections of the society. His intention in launching of the Janchetna Party is to take Haryana forward. In the upcoming Haryana 2014 elections of assembly, he will present a big challenge to the other political leaders of Haryana.

In the coming months Haryana will witness another assembly polls. As Haryana will be electing it's new government, people will be filled with a lot of anticipation and hope.

In Haryana there is no one in the political class who is bothered over Haryana’s development. The welfare of the state has taken a backseat because of the lackadaisical attitude of the state government. Everyone in Haryana Government is rather interested in serving their own interests.

The political parties in Haryana are not concerned about the progress of Haryana. One cannot differentiate a political outfit in Haryana based on their growth agenda for Haryana as most of the parties do not have any development agenda.

Veteran Haryana leader venod Sharma has formed Janchetna party to emphasize on the development and growth of Haryana. Haryana as a state has large amount of resources and there is enormous potential in the state but due to the disinterest of the government of Haryana. The government has not paid any attention on the holistic development of the state.

Janchetna party is a party which wants Haryana to be the numero uno state of Haryana. Venod Sharma understands the potential of Haryana and unlike other politicians who just think giving speeches is the sole job of leader Venod Sharma is someone who cares for Haryana.

Janchetna party has made it clear that if it comes into power, it will give a clear blueprint for the states progress. The state has the potential to transform itself from a place with lack of opportunities to a land of opportunity. And this can only happen when Janchetna paty will come into power.

Venod Sharma is a leader with a very high set of morals; his biggest achievement is the social work which he has done as politician. He is a big advocate of women empowerment. Welfare of the weaker sections of the society and their welfare are the issues which are close to him.

Venod Sharma's name is a well known name in the politics of Haryana. He has an experience of more than forty years in the politics and throughout his life has worked for the welfare of the people.

Venod Sharma has stood out in Haryana’s politics because as a politician he has done principle based politics. Welfare of everyone and progress of Haryana is the driving force for Venod Sharma.

Venod Sharma courts arrest over the issue of SSC interviews, comes out in the full support of aided teachers

The rate of Job creation in Haryana is quite slow. The rate of unemployment is increasing and this is becoming a problem area for the state. Venod Sharma has expressed concern over the poor rate of job creation in the state of Haryana. He believes that it is because of the government’s lackadaisical approach that the problem of unemployment is increasing in Haryana.

The other major problem that Haryana is witnessing today is that of massive corruption in government jobs. The government jobs in Haryana are infested with corruption and Venod Sharma has raised his voice against this injustice.

Venod Sharma has on many occasions attacked the state government saying that the government is busy in making false promises .He specifically pointed out that the state government promised to give jobs to around 60 thousand unemployed youths but so far this announcement of government is still an announcement.

One major reason for the prevailing job problem in Haryana is a complete lack of programmes for the skill development. It is only Venod Sharma who understands this problem and has promised the youth that if he comes into power he will try to salvage the youth out of this tough situation.

Recent agitation of Venod Sharma at SSC office

The interview process in government jobs of Haryana is full of corruption and nepotism which is leading to frustration among the youths of the state. The deserving candidates are not getting jobs while those with recommendations are getting jobs.

It is Venod Sharma who has raised his voice against this prevailing practice of nepotism and favoritism. Recently Venod Sharma along with his supporters laid siege on the SSC (staff selection commission) Haryana.

Vinod Sharma demanded the resignation of SSC Chairman alleging irregularities in the interview process of the government jobs. Mr. Sharma has demanded immediate scrapping of the interview process in the government jobs.

Venod Sharma supports the cause of aided teachers:

Venod Sharma has expressed his full support to the aided school teachers and aided computer teachers of Haryana.These aided teachers are not getting their salaries from government for the last few months.

Venod Sharma joined the protesting teachers at Jantar Mantar and said that janchetna party is behind these teachers. He criticized the government for not addressing the problems of the aided school teachers and aided computer teachers of Haryana.



Today there are around 2622 aided school teachers and aided computer teachers currently working in Haryana and they are working in Haryana through various societies based out of Rohtak and New Delhi. But unfortunately these societies are not paying the salaries to these teachers which is causing lots of hardship to these teachers.

Venod Sharma has held the state government responsible for not acting on the problems of these aided teachers.

Venod Sharma has told these aided teachers that Janchetna party is with them and it will extend all the possible support to the aided teachers.

Venod Sharma has urged Chief Minister Bhupinder singh Hooda to fulfil his promise of regularizing these aided teachers.