Haryana Map

Haryana Map


In the Industrial map of the Country, Haryana has an important place. Haryana state is known for its strong industrial landscape. It is an important tourist destination as well.

The political map of Haryana is also abuzz with the upcoming elections. The state has 10 constituencies of the Lok Sabha, while there are 90 seats in the assembly.

The tourism map of Haryana has a lot to offer. There are places like Kurukshetra, Jyotisar, Thaneshwar, Pehowa and Panchkula which has rich history.

The administrative map of Haryana comprises of 21 districts and three divisions of police range.

The health care map of Haryana is not satisfactory. Availability of health-care facilities has been a key issue in Haryana. Lot of efforts are required to improve the health services in Haryana. The National Rural Health Mission Haryana is short of officers.

In the urban map of Haryana, Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) plays an important role. It is an urban development body constituted by the government of Haryana. The main role of HUDA is to provide better urban infrastructure. HUDA has played a major role in the development of Gurgaon. Today in the development of Haryana, HUDA has a major role to play.

On the Transportation map of Haryana, Haryana Roadways plays an important role in intra-state transportation. It plays a major role in providing connectivity with the neighboring states. It runs very good quality deluxe buses to provide connectivity.

On the communication map of Haryana, Department of Telecom is playing a major role to improve the telecom facilities in the state. In the telecom department of Haryana there is lot of vacant positions BSNL Haryana Telecom circle is facing a shortage of manpower and needs to recruit Telecom Technical Assistants (TTAs). The vacant positions is hampering the working of the telecom department.