Our aim is to make Haryana the top most state in the country, standing side by side with the front ranking states of the Country. We believe that Haryana should have ample opportunities for growth for all the sections of the Society. We believe in providing a participative Government, which will have the motto of equal right and Justice .We believe that corruption is a curse which is weakening the country and we promise to provide a Government free from all the forms of Corruption.

We stand for a secular, united and democratic state. We are here as a political wing to provide equal opportunities to all discriminated and disadvantaged people of the state. Our intention is to develop state both economically and socially with peaceful and constitutional means.  A  party which works on the principle of equality. The Party believes in continuously working towards the upliftment of all sections of society and its stand against communal forces. We are committed to promote advancement and development of all citizens.

With the announcement of Jan Chetna Party, Venod Sharma has embarked on a journey. It is a journey for Haryana’s development, growth and progress. It is a journey for bringing glory to Haryana. Venod Sharma has dedicated his life towards the betterment of Haryana. For him, State’s development is top priority and everything else is secondary  

Haryana is a resourceful state. It has a huge potential which needs to be realised. Venod Sharma believes in utilising state’s resources to the maximum in order to improve the productivity of the state. Haryana has the prospects for high growth and Venod Sharma wants to tap the prospects.

Another focus area for Venod Sharma is the condition of education system in Haryana. He strongly believes that Haryana would be able to vie with the rest of the country when it will raise it’s education level. The school and college education in Haryana needs a complete overhaul and drastic change in the pedagogy.

Venod Sharma has always laid emphasis on improving the quality of education in Government schools. Right now the education which is imparted in the government is not at par with that in the private schools. He wants to end this mismatch.

He has said this on many occasions that the government should make arrangements in a way   that those who are living in the remote areas of the state should not be devoid of education. Those children who are from economically weaker section should also high quality education. There should be an equal opportunity for boys and girls to study.

There is a need to improve Haryana’s literacy level .The work of skill up gradation should be taken up on war footing. Vocational Institutions should be set up which can help in the skill up gradation of the youth so that they can get jobs in the job market. It is of utmost importance that the curriculum taught in schools and colleges is in tune with the times and not outdated. Today the world is changing at a rapid pace and it is important that the education takes up these challenges by incorporating latest technology and information in the pedagogy.

Another focus area for Venod Sharma is Haryana’s   rapid Industrialization. For the economic prosperity of the state, it is important that the state embraces more and more Industries and promote Industrialization. Haryana has a very strong agricultural base and establishing agro Industries can change the face of the state.