Why Venod Sharma

Haryana of today is a tale of forgotten promises. Promises which the ruling party made to the people to ascend the throne and dumped it after grabbing power.

So what is the solution? In a democracy, solution lies with the people. In every five years people get a chance to review their Government and give a fresh mandate. That time is coming for Haryana.

Today Haryana needs a vision and a visionary leader who can present that vision to the people.

People of Haryana need to ask their leaders what are their plans for Haryana. How are they going to kick start the process of Industrialization in the state? How are they going to provide employment to the qualified and educated youths of Haryana? How are they going to improve the cities of Haryana?

Only one person can take Haryana to the position it deserves. He is Venod Sharma. A man of his word, Venod Sharma is a man on mission and his mission is to bring a change in your life.

Venod Sharma is one leader who has always raised the issue of discrepancy of development in Haryana. He has not only raised his voice against the discrepancy in the development of the backward areas but has also made  great efforts to kick start the development process in those districts which are unable to keep pace with other fast developing districts of Haryana.

Everyone in Haryana knows that when Venodji was the minister, he got the Industrial Model town in Ambala but due to the vested political interests, the project was scrapped by the congress immediately after Venodji lefty the government.