Venod Sharma

Haryana Janchetna Party President Venod Sharma is an Indian politician. Venod Sharma has served at various positions in Government of India and in Haryana Government. He was a Cabinet minister in P.V. Narasimha Rao’s government and was a MP from Rajya Sabha. He has also served at various positions in Congress party. Venod Sharma was the  General Secretary of  All India Youth Congress and Haryana Youth Congress. Later he became the  President of Youth Congress as well as  President of Congress Committee of Chandigarh. He has represented Ambala constituency as an MLA in Haryana.

  • A charismatic leader with a broader vision
  •  An architect of new era for regional parties
  • Worked for the benefit of the people of Haryana
  • Catering  to the aspiration of people in the state as well as the nation.

An honest pro- national, great parliamentarian Venod Sharma is a guiding light for the party. Venod Sharma's integrity, selflessness and his ability to unite people of all sections of society has greatly influenced the leaders & workers in the party as well as the people of the state. Venod Sharma is also known as Vinod Sharma.

A devoted grass root man, Venod Sharma is  committed for development, fight against social injustice and progress of all sections of  society. He has a great ability to inspire people. His innate knowledge of social problems makes him the foremost leader of the state. A leader who enjoys support of all the sections of society in Haryana.

His "Karmhat Sewa Bhav" is a source of inspiration for the party. He believes in the principle of "Unity as a weapon to strengthen and empower people". He has always fought for the downtrodden, poor and unrepresented classes of society. Venod Sharma’s mission is to take along all the sections of the society.

A wonderful man with tremendous political experience, Venod Sharma is known for his efforts to implement the Rights of citizens. He strongly believes in the dictum that change can bring wonders. He is a strong supporter of people's power.The Champion of reservation for economically weak upper caste in Haryana.

Venod Sharma has an impeccable record of clean leadership. He is a social reformer committed to eliminate corruption from all walks of life. An educated, dedicated, determined leader who is committed to provide good governance.

An energetic politician, committed to fight against evil

  • Development will be the top priority of his government
  • Destined to shape India’s future
  • Committed to work for rural people struggling to find jobs and
  • Change the system so that India truly shines.

A charismatic public speaker and good administrator,with a vision for development, Venod Sharma is a loyal, devoted and patriotic person who deserves to be the Chief Minister of Haryana. He has superb decision making power with dynamic and realistic approach. For him people come first. He has an absolutely clean image and has been the key in various successful government schemes for the welfare of the poor.