Our aim is to make Haryana the top most state in the country, standing side by side with the front ranking states of the Country. We believe that Haryana should have ample opportunities for growth for all the sections of the Society. We believe in providing a participative Government, which will have the motto of equal right and Justice .We believe that corruption is a curse which is weakening the country and we promise to provide a Government free from all the forms of Corruption.

The true competence of a political or social leader is judged by his ideas and vision. The literal meaning of word vision is “the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom”.

Venod Sharma is one of the few politicians who have clarity of thought and vision for Haryana. While most of his compatriots think about the current problems and their solutions, Venod analyses the problem with future in mind.

Village and rural Haryana hold a lot of importance in Venod’s Vision. Venod believes that if we make villages self sufficient than half the battle is won.  Venod has detailed plans for different sectors.

In healthcare, he wants to provide state of the art medical facilities in every district centre of Haryana and at least basic dispensary set-up in every village. He wants to expand the road network with the help of public private partnership. Once the road infrastructure gets improved it will have a cascading effect on state’s productivity improvement, reduction in road accidents, fuel saving and many more.

The IT revolution which came in Haryana touched only Gurgaon. Venod wants to take it to each and every district. His vision is to open IT and Biotech Park in every district. This will provide jobs to skilled youths as well avoid the problem of migration to big cities. People will be self sufficient in their native places.  Enhancement of IT will also make the government process streamlined. There will be accountability and scope of corruption & irregularities will be diminished.

Those areas which have been ignored in the past will get the most importance. All types of regionalism and favouritism will be stopped. There would be transparency and clarity in the selection procedure of government recruitments.

Venod sharma envisages international level public grievance redressal system. Common public would be able to access it through online mediums or via block level representatives. Each and every grievance will be tracked.

In the field of education, Venod wants to turn Haryana into the likes of Oxford and Cambridge. He wants to create state of art education centres, where emphasis is giving to R&D. His bold vision includes providing online education to all the govt. schools, so that the dependency of teachers is all together removed.

He wants to bring sea of reforms in the area of Agriculture. With every day, scarcity of water is increasing, in such a situation he wants to bring large scale use of drip irrigation. On the lines of Sikkim, Venod wants to bring organic farming in Haryana, so that productivity is increased and the people are also saved from harmful chemicals.
Once Vinod sharma gets an opportunity, he will surely transform Haryana into land of scope and opportunities.