Haryana has become the first state in the country which is giving reservations to the people of general category who belongs from the economically weaker sections of the society. Like Jats, Pandits in Haryana have been demanding reservation for the community in Haryana on the economic criteria for a very long time. Pandits have been alleging that they were being exploited in Haryana in every field.

The Pandit community in Haryana has been alleging that the Haryana government is discriminating with youths on the issue of government job. Haryana people has long been neglected by the successive governments of Haryana Former Union Minister and Haryana Janchetna Party President Venod Sharma was the first political leader in Haryana who raised the issue of reservation to Haryana upper cast on economic basis. He is one political leader who raised his voice for Haryana Pandit community setting aside his political interests.

Venod Sharma Pandit worked very hard for the reservation of high cast .He build a lot of pressure on the government to make provision for the reservation of Pandit community.

There is a population of 22% jats in Haryana is as per the census and they play a significant role in the state. The chief ministers in Haryana since last decade and a half have been Jat political leaders.As a result of this the Pandit community  of Haryana has a feeling that there is a prejudice prevalent in the state with the Pandit which has resulted in a widespread dissatisfaction among the community  of Haryana.

He is a pandit leader who has worked for the development of Haryana .He wants to liberate the state of Haryana from the clutches of jat politics .He is one pandit leader of Haryana who has a extensive recognition among all sections of the society. His intention in launching of the Janchetna Party is to take Haryana forward. In the upcoming Haryana 2014 elections of assembly, he will present a big challenge to the other political leaders of Haryana.