Brahmin Reservation

Our mission: We will raise voice for Brahmin upliftment and reservation. Raising voice for Brahmins in Haryana, No political party has cleared their stand on the issue of giving reservation to Brahmins on economic basis. The condition of Brahmins in Haryana is not good and they are backward, so they deserve reservation. The Brahmins of the state have been demanding reservation for the past several years but the government has not paid heed to it. Brahmins raised their demand before Jats but government discriminated against them and always made them suffer. Brahmins have to fight for "reservation" for their right and it could only be achieved through 'struggle'. Venod Sharma advocated for the Brahmin reservation on the basis of economic conditions and not based on caste. There is a rampant discrimination against Brahmins in Government Jobs in Haryana. Brahmins in the state are still economically backward.