Know Me Better

Background – Discrimination and uneven development of youth and women, Corruption and Crime are biggest issues in the state of Haryana. We are a party which works for the welfare of citizens of the state. We strive for the rights of common man and upliftment of the citizens of the state.

Motto: A government for the people by the people.

           जन जन को जगाना है जन चेतना फैलाना है


  • Welfare of all is our priority
  • Democracy in real and not on paper
  • Change should begin from home; changes at grassroots level to bring results.
  • No discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, religion, region or wealth
  • Equal respect for all religions and keep policy free of religion
  • Welfare of the weakest and progress for all
  • Nation first, be upright and do right.
  • Achieve distinction; and have a defining act if possible
  • Finances should not come in the way of development
  • No procedural delays in the way of progress
  • Determination to root out corruption and overhaul government
  • To ensure overall development
  • To provide  an excellent alternative for state and national politics.

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