Ambala, Haryana, 29th May. Former Union Minister Venod Sharma inaugurated a Lok Seva Panchayat office in Ambala on 29th May. Lok Seva Panchayat offices will provide a platform for the weaker sections of the society to raise their voice. These offices will be opened all across Haryana in the coming days so that the people can voice their concerns .In these offices, anyone who will walk in with their grievances will found a sympathetic ear in the form of volunteers who will be manning these Lok Seva Panchayat offices to look into the problems of the people.


During the inauguration, Venod Sharma addressed a huge gathering where he spoke about how Ambala has been devoid of Industrial Model Township (IMT). He told the audience that when he was the minister in Haryana government, he got an Industrial Model Township (IMT) for Ambala approved. This IMT would have created jobs for thousands of youth of Ambala region and would have changed the industrial landscape of the area.

But some congress leaders conspired against the project added Venod Sharma. He said that when he left the Government and Congress party, the government immediately scrapped the proposal of IMT Ambala project.

Venod Sharma also attacked Congress party saying that it has always talked about empowerment but shelved IMT Ambala project fearing that it will increase his stature in the region. Venodji told the gathering that Congress has become apprehensive that if IMT get’s approved, he will become more popular in the region.

Venod Sharma expressed shock saying that Congress has stooped so low that it scrapped a project through which thousands of youth would have got jobs. He said that he was pursuing the IMT project since 2005 but the vested interests spoiled all the efforts.

Venod Sharma though is still optimistic saying that he is hopeful that the project will get implemented and he will leave no stone unturned for its implementation.

The need for Lok Seva Panchayat offices: Haryana today is at the cross roads .The Government has turned a deaf ear towards the problem of the poor and downtrodden. The Lok Seva Panchayat offices have been started to provide support to the weaker sections of the society for whom the government of Haryana has no regard. Lok Seva Panchayat is an attempt to bring together the people to protect their interest, so that they does not fall prey to the temptation from the political parties. In order to gain power, political parties, disunite the people Lok Seva Panchayat is an attempt to unite people against injustice.

About Venod Sharma: Living with the motto of Karmhat Seva Bhaav, Venod Sharma is one politician who has dedicated his life in fighting for the cause of underprivileged and poor people. An elected member of Haryana assembly from Ambala constituency, Venod Sharma’s political career spans across four decades. He is a central figure of Haryana Politics and his name is synonymous with development.

Haryana is the only state in India having a provision of 10% reservation in Government jobs for the economically weaker sections of upper class and the credit for enacting this law goes to Venod Sharma.

He is a strong believer that poverty can be found in any caste and hence a poor person must get a reservation irrespective of his caste.

Venod Sharma’s primary focus is to improve the situation of weaker sections of society and other disadvantaged groups through development. A great orator, he has a huge base of supporter who views him as an icon. He is one politician whose action is not different from his words.

Among all the politicians of Haryana, Venod Sharma is the only one who is constantly attacking the interview system in Government jobs which is full of flaws and loopholes. Every year because of the prevailing interview system in Haryana, thousands of deserving candidates are devoid of Jobs. It is only Venod Sharma who has challenged the interview system and has demanded an immediate scrapping of the system.

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