Sonipat, 28th May 2014:

Continuing on the path of creating political awareness in Haryana, former Union Minister Venod Sharma addressed a public meeting in Sonipat on 28th May 2014.

He spoke at length on many issues being faced by the common public of Haryana. He raised the issue of 10% reservation for the weaker section of general categories prominently. Mr. Sharma highlighted that many families from the general categories were living in deplorable conditions. No other politician or political party in Haryana ever dared to take up the issue of providing reservation to economically weaker sections of the general categories.


He pointed that it was only due to his efforts and hard work that the concept of 10% reservation became a reality. He further clarified that this reservation was not done by taking away any existing reservation slots, but new slots were created.

Mr. Sharma emphasized that 10 years back, the current state government was given a mandate by the public. The mandate was of hope & faith. People believed that the govt. will work for the people and will fulfill their aspirations. People persevered with the current chief minister, gave him another stint at CM post, waited for 10 long years, but they were cheated. None of the promises were fulfilled.

Venod Sharma pointed that regionalism is at its peak in Haryana. Only a select few districts are getting government aids. Development work, government jobs, infrastructure progress is happening in selected areas, whereas the rest of the state is stuck at the same position where it was 10 years back. 

During the meeting, he urged people to become politically aware & informed. He asked them to unite & raise voice collectively. He had raised these issues internally, when he was in the state government. But when he found, that his voice was being ignored & unheard then he quit Congress party & his MLA position.

Mr. Sharma requested the gathering to support him & strengthen his crusade. The meeting was attended by all sections of the society, with youth present in large numbers.

About Venod Sharma:

Venod Sharma is an Indian politician who has served as the Minister of State in the Ministry of Civil Supplies, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution in the P.V. Narasimha Rao Cabinet (inducted 1995).

Son of Pandit Kedar Nath Sharma, Shri Venod Sharma is actively involved in the different areas of social work such as women empowerment, youth development etc in diverse ways.

He is currently working towards the development of Haryana and dreams big to bring a change in the state and make Haryana one of the most urbanized states of India. 

Living with the motto of Karmhat Seva Bhaav, Venod Sharma has dedicated his life in fighting for the cause of underprivileged and poor people. Venod Sharma’s political career spans across four decades. He is a central figure of Haryana Politics and his name is synonymous with development.

Venod Sharma’s primary focus is to improve the situation of weaker sections of society and other disadvantaged groups through development. A great orator, he has a huge base of supporter who views him as an icon. He is one politician whose action is not different from his words.

Among all the politicians of Haryana, Venod Sharma is the only one who is constantly attacking the interview system in Government jobs which is full of flaws and loopholes. Every year because of the prevailing interview system in Haryana, thousands of deserving candidates are devoid of Jobs. It is only Venod Sharma who has challenged the interview system and has demanded an immediate scrapping of the system. 

You can reach Venod Sharma at the following address:

Venod Sharma

118A, Model Town, Circular Road

Ambala City