Haryana: 4th June, 2014: The state of Haryana is all set to unveil its new look in the near future under the leadership and guidance of Shri Venod Sharma as he launches several Lok Seva Panchayat offices in different regions of Haryana.

The state of North India, Haryana that came into existence on November 1, 1966, as a new state after being carved out of Punjab on the basis of differences in language today boasts of countless districts under its arena.


Bordered by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the North and Rajasthan to the West and South, the name ‘Haryana’ to the newly born state then was given by the Apabhramsha writer Vibudh Shridhar in the 12th Century AD.

Since Haryana is also surrounded by the National Capital of India, Delhi on the three sides, forming the northern, western and southern borders, a large area of Haryana even today falls under the sector of National Capital Region (NCR) such as Gurgaon and Faridabad, for the purpose of planning and development and development in these regions is no hidden fact.

To make the entire Haryana as developed as the NCR areas, prominent political leader Shri Venod Sharma has taken an initiative to offer a new dimension to Haryana.

With an aim to make Haryana one of the most developed states of India, Venod Sharma is now targeting the areas which have been left out in terms of infrastructure, industrialization, employment; education and social development for decades and he promises to deliver a proper shape to them.

As the first step towards the development of Haryana, Shri Venod Sharma has opened up several Lok Seva Panchayat offices in Haryana which are easily accessible to the population of Haryana.

People are now free to register their concerns, issues, feedback and suggestions at the Lok Seva Panchayat office and expect a speedy response on the same.

Not only this, while inaugurating the offices of Lok Seva Panchayat in regions like Ambala, Jeend, etc, Venod Sharma in order to understand the real cause of issues of the people, also interacted with them and promised his full support to fulfill their dream of witnessing a boom in the Haryana state in terms of development.

The problems of electricity, water scarcity, job opportunities, unemployment, and education have been plaguing the state for a span which is shameful to even think about but Shri Venod Sharma is now set to gift a permanent solution to it. “It is because of these issues, we have thought of opening Lok Seva Panchayat offices across Haryana.  The inauguration to these offices has given me an opportunity to meet people and understand the problems of Haryana and therefore bring an end to it. This is just the first step; we are here to extend our support completely to the people of Haryana in every possible way. It is time for us to stay united with each other and raise our voice against the prevailing system and bring the desired change of development in the Haryana state,” expressed Shri Venod Sharma.

With such initiatives being granted, it is sure to witness a detonation in the developmental state of Haryana anytime soon.

About Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma is an Indian politician who has served as the Minister of State in the Ministry of Civil Supplies, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution at in the P.V. Narasimha Rao Cabinet (inducted 1995).

Son of Pandit Kedar Nath Sharma, Shri Venod Sharma is actively involved in the different areas of social work such as women empowerment, youth development etc in diverse ways.

He is currently working towards the development of Haryana and dreams big to bring a change in the state and make Haryana one of the most urbanized states of India.