Faridabad is a town which shares it’s border with the national capital, New Delhi. It is a big industrial town with thousands of Industrial units working in this town. Faridabad’s contribution is the education sector is also significant with various centers of higher education running in the city.

But unfortunately, even after being at the forefront of industrialization in Haryana, the city’s infrastructure is crumbling. Faulty drainage system, bad roads and power cuts are the most common feature of this industrialized town. Faridabad is a major centre of auto component, engineering and leather and garment industries but the infrastructural bottlenecks are severely hampering the growth of these sectors.

The poor infrastructure   makes it difficult for the entrepreneurs of Faridabad to do business. Not only the regular day to day business is getting affected because of the crumbling infrastructure but it  also making the task of retaining foreign clients extremely difficult for these entrepreneurs.

Forget about Faridabad attracting any new investment, the crumbling infrastructure is forcing the Industry to look elsewhere to set shop. It is a drastic situation which is leading to the exodus of the industry from Faridabad.

The Haryana government is very well aware of the current infrastructure crisis but is doing precious little to salvage the situation. The situation is worst in Old Faridabad where there is no development work at all. The Faridabad Industrial association has reached out to state government and authorities from time to time but no substantial result has achieved yet.

Venod Sharma is one leader who is well aware of the problems faced by the industry and has the will to address the concerns of the Industrial sector. Venodji knows that, today many states are competing with each other to attract the industry in their states and those states which won’t give facilities like Electricity, Roads and other infrastructure to the Industry will not be able to attract or retain the Industry.

Venodji is the only leader in Haryana who can provide world class infrastructure to the Industries so that it can flourish and in return will provide ample opportunity for the people of Haryana to grow.