Former Union Minister Venod Sharma has attacked the interview system in the government jobs of Haryana. While addressing a huge gathering in Panipat on 27th May, Mr. Sharma said that the discretionary power which has been given to the interviewers in the interview process is nothing but a means to practice nepotism. Mr. Sharma said that the government is playing with the lives of the future generation.


Mr .Sharma highlighted the discrepancies in the interview system saying that due to lop sided system even candidates with PhD are  not getting jobs while plain graduates are walking away with  job offer letters.

Mr. Sharma said that he is fighting for the future generation, and exhorted people to fight for the future of the state. You are not weak and you must realize your power, said Mr. Sharma in his speech.

Venod Sharma said that there is an urgent need to scrap the interview system as there is a limit to everything and government cannot continue to play with the future of young generation

Mr. Sharma on this occasion warned the government that if the government does not scrap the interview process, than state wide agitation will be launched against the government.


The need for scrapping the interview system in Government jobs:

Complaints of nepotism and favoritism in the interview system in Government Jobs are increasing day by day. Haryana staff Selection commission keeps 30 marks for viva voce or interview. These are discretionary marks meant to be given by the interviewer. But more and more candidates are complaining about the interviews conducted in very unfair manner.

Many candidates who appeared for the interview complained that the process is full of loopholes. The interview system of HSSC has been reduced to a tool, in the hands of the high and mighty so that they can tweak the system in order to push their near and dear ones into the government jobs

The Government has turned a deaf ear towards this problem which is leaving the youth of the state extremely disgusted .The need of the hour is to stop the interview process with immediate effect and an enquiry should be set up to look into the malpractices of the interview system  so that the culprits are brought to book.

About Venod Sharma: Living with the motto of Karmhat Seva Bhaav, Venod Sharma is one politician who has dedicated his life in fighting for the cause of underprivileged and poor people. An elected member of Haryana assembly from Ambala constituency, Venod Sharma’s political career spans across four decades. He is a central figure of Haryana Politics and his name is synonymous with development.

Haryana is the only state in India having a provision of 10% reservation in Government jobs for the economically weaker sections of upper class and the credit for enacting this law goes to Venod Sharma.

He is a strong believer that poverty can be found in any caste and hence a poor person must get a reservation irrespective of his caste.

Venod Sharma’s primary focus is to improve the situation of weaker sections of society and other disadvantaged groups through development. A great orator, he has a huge base of supporter who views him as an icon. He is one politician whose action is not different from his words.

Among all the politicians of Haryana, Venod Sharma is the only one who is constantly attacking the interview system in Government jobs which is full of flaws and loopholes. Every year because of the prevailing interview system in Haryana, thousands of deserving candidates are devoid of Jobs. It is only Venod Sharma who has challenged the interview system and has demanded an immediate scrapping of the system.

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